Basic Instinct was a movie that came out in the nineties, known mostly for being overly raunchy and featuring a great deal of the naked body of a younger Sharon Stone. It caused a stir at the time, and many flocked to see it simply because of the controversy. The slot game came out a few years later, and is still available to play at many online casinos.

Sadly, those who were hoping that the slot game might capture some of the controversy of the will be disappointed, since the game is a rather generic game, offering little in the way of innovation. The only real connection to the movie is a few still images of Sharon Stone, and even those look a little low resolution by modern standards.

The game play, however, is still solid enough to be enjoyable, and since the game uses a massive two hundred and forty three play lines, hardly a spin will go by without a win of some description being achieved. The game is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Basic Instinct Play Rules

As with all slot games like in Immortal Romance slot, Basic Instinct requires the player to first make an initial bet, after which the reels are set into motion. Upon the reels stopping, matching sequences in the play area will grant payouts. The game uses a few recognisable images from the movie, such as the ice pick and handcuffs, with the ice pick being the most valuable in the game.

A few less recognisable symbols, such as a police badge car are also present but have considerably lower value. The generic ten, jack, queen, king, and ace are used to fill out the remaining symbols, and have the lowest value in the game. There are also a number of bonus symbols, which offer the biggest payouts in the game, and prominently feature images of a sultry Sharon Stone.

Playing Basic Instinct Online Slot

Special Features

There are three bonus symbols in thisĀ game, including the extra wilds symbol, the free spins symbol, and the wild drop symbol. Note that in the Basic Instinct game each of the bonus symbols is stacked, meaning that it occupies three places on the reels.

Depending on how many of the three segments are exposed in the play area, the payout or bonus will be more or less. The first of the bonus symbols, the free spins symbol, features Sharon Stone with a car. When the symbol lands in the play area it will grant free spins, more if all three of the symbols are exposed, less if only one segment is exposed.

The second, the bonus wilds, features Sharon Stone in a white blazer, and each segment of the symbol acts as a wild and matches with other symbols, creating bonus payouts. The last and most unique is the wild drops symbol, featuring Sharon Stone in a red dress. If landed, the segments of the symbol will lock in place on the reels, and drop down one space with each consecutive spin. This allows bonus wins until the symbol vanishes out the bottom of the play area.