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The Top 5 Recommendations to Speed Your Recovery Post Enduro

People are not designed to run endurance races, but for some, the challenge to endure is just too strong.

Why Free Bets Add Value?

Free bets or bonuses are constantly offered by online sports betting sites to all bettors as either an incentive or a reward for something that the bettor has done on the site. The most common form of free bets and bonuses are sign up bonuses that are offered to a bettor the first time that they sign up to the online betting sites. The most popular and most enjoyed online betting sites will offer these bonuses and incentives to their gamblers on an ongoing basis and almost always will provide them with these bonuses over and over again.

Best New Jersey Sports Betting Free Bonus Bets

Online betting is taking New Jersey by storm. Dozens of new online bookmakers are springing up, which means a great deal of competition between websites for your business. The question; which website really deserves it? What makes a website standard apart, and worthy of your time and money? This is something you, the New Jersey bet maker, have to think about. It won’t do to simply jump onto the first website you come across, since it means potentially missing out on better deals, and service, elsewhere. Let’s take a look at what makes the best online bookmaking websites, so you can make an informed choice when it comes time to start putting down money.

A Guide to NRL Online Betting

Rugby is a much loved sport around the world and bettors have many opportunities to bet online. The National Rugby League, or NRL, is one of the more popular Rugby betting opportunities as they hold tournaments all year round giving bettors many chances at trying their luck.

An Introduction to Ice Hockey Betting for Canadian bettors

Ice hockey is a fast, high impact and powerful sport that has flourished in colder regions of the world. Canada is one such country where ice hockey is a popular sport to play, watch and bet on. Ice hockey is a sport played at both club and international levels and offers many betting opportunities throughout a season.

Ice hockey is a Winter Olympics sport too and Canada has been the most successful team to date. This brings about greater betting opportunities for Canadian bettors who like to bet on the Olympics. The NHL or National Hockey League is the biggest in the world and is made up of teams from both Canada and America. The season starts in early October and ends mid-April. There is then the playoffs and the grand finale, the Stanley Cup.

Ice hockey is a major sport in Canada which makes it even more popular to bet on. It is easy to bet online with simple yet diverse betting options and the season is long bringing about plenty of betting opportunities.

The Common Ice Hockey Bets

One of the most common types of bets in ice hockey is outright bets. There are many games played in a season or tournament so there are many outright bets to place. These simply consist of the outright winner of a competition.

There are two match result bets available including end of regulation and including overtime. End of regulation means predicting the winner that has won within the sixty minute game and the including overtime bet is the winner if the game goes into overtime.

Another bet available is the puck line handicap. This is a unique bet365 NZ option to this sport but is a variation of point spread bets. This is there to even out points between the favourites and the underdogs.

Overs and unders are bets placed on whether the score will finish more or less than a predetermined number. It must be the total score of both teams and it must be correctly predicted whether it is more or less than that total score.

It is also possible to bet on what the score will be at the end of a game with the correct score bet. This bet does allow for betting on a tie at the end of the sixty minute game.

Strategies for Ice Hockey Betting

Canadian bettors can make their betting experience more profitable by betting smarter. Betting an online sportsbook should only be done at trusted and reliable sites that legally accept them and have all of the correct licenses and safety protocols.

These sites do provide fairly accurate odds for all of the betting options but in order to make the most potentially winning bets, bettors must do some research and find out recent performances and so on.

How a team performs is key to deciding whether it has good odds of winning, but any injuries or changes to player line ups can change the odds. The home team may be favoured in a game but it does not mean they are guaranteed winners. Looking at the two teams history and how they have performed against each other in the past is important too.

A Look at Bathurst Harness Racing Club for Punters

The Bathurst Harness Racing Club is located in Bathurst, Australia, and renowned as one of the top harness racing destinations in the country. It features a full schedule of harness racing events on a regular basis, using a circular, professionally maintained track. Races of varying distances are run doing one or two laps of the track. More details for each race are available at the facility, as well as easy means to place bets and collect winnings.

What to Watch in the AFL 2016- 17 Games that you Can’t Miss

The AFL 2016 season has lined up some great matches and in a perfect world, it would be possible to watch them all. However, if you have to pick and choose consider the options listed below for the AFL 2016, these 17 games that you can’t miss is a good place to start.

Betting on the NFL Grand Final

Introduction to the NFL Grand Final

When the National Football League and the American Football League agreed on a merger back the 1960’s, the NFL grand final championship was agreed upon and created. The championship game became known as the Super Bowl and is held annually after every NFL season. The championship game is always played on a Sunday which is why the day is known as Super Bowl Sunday. During the week leading up to the final championship game the host city features Super Bowl Week with all sorts of activities surrounding the celebration of American football and plenty more festivities and festivals.

Popularity of the NFL Grand Final

The NFL grand final has been dubbed America’s most watched television broadcast and four specific championship games that have been played in the past have gone down in American history as having the most viewers ever for any television broadcast. As exciting as the NFL season leading up to the NFL grand final is, the final event is the main attraction for American football fans. Super Bowl Sunday has become officially celebrated as an unofficial national holiday and is rated the second highest food consumption day after Thanksgiving. CBS has held the rights to broadcast the championship game in America.

The NFL Grand Final Ticket Sales

Apart from ticket sales at various online or land based outlets, fans can stand a chance at winning two tickets through a lottery which is held by the National Football League. The NFL grand final for 2016 will split ticket sales where the two main teams in the championship game will each receive 17.5% of the ticket sales. The hosting team will receive 5% of the ticket sales and the rest of teams in the league will receive 1.2% of the ticket sales. The final 25.2% will go to the office of the National Football League.

Betting on the NFL Grand Final

The popularity of the Super Bowl has made betting on the NFL grand final championship game a favourite past time. The most convenient way to bet on the championship is online which only requires registration at a reputable online sports book and an initial deposit which can be bet with.

There are various rules to betting on the NFL grand final which largely depend on where the betting is taking place. Some sports books allow bets to be placed minutes before the game while others require them to be placed sooner. There is a larger variety of betting options for the Super Bowl than any other sports game in the world and some of these betting options include point spreads which is where bets are placed on a team that covers a specific point spread, money line bets which is simply betting on which of the two teams will win, over and under where the total combined points of the two teams is bet on and prop bets which cover a wide variety of options. Prop bets can include anything from which of the two teams will score first, who will be the MVP of the championship game to which of the two teams will get to the end zone first.

The Golden Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California

The well-known Super Bowl, which, in U.S. professional gridiron footballing terms is the championship final of the National Football League. The one-off match is contested by the winners of the league’s American Football Conference and National Football Conference each January or February. The game is hosted by a different city each year. In 2016 the Super Bowl will be played on the February 7 in Santa Clara, California, home of the San Francisco 49ers, themselves five time winners of the Super Bowl.

An Overview of the Past NRL Grand Final Bets

The NRL 2016 Season

The National Rugby League (NRL) season of 2016 is the 109th for professional Australian Rugby and the 19th for the NRL itself. The pre-season starts with the Auckland Nines in Eden Park, New Zealand. All 16 of the NRL 2016 clubs contest this trophy, and send at least 12 of their top 25 players and at least 1 marquee player. This will be followed by the Rugby League All Stars Match and the World Club Series.

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