Online betting is taking New Jersey by storm. Dozens of new online bookmakers are springing up, which means a great deal of competition between websites for your business. The question; which website really deserves it? What makes a website standard apart, and worthy of your time and money? This is something you, the New Jersey bet maker, have to think about. It won’t do to simply jump onto the first website you come across, since it means potentially missing out on better deals, and service, elsewhere. Let’s take a look at what makes the best online bookmaking websites, so you can make an informed choice when it comes time to start putting down money.

Superior Customer Support

Most don’t think about the customer support centres of online bookmakers, at least until they need help with a problem. It could be months you’re using a website before you need help, but when that time comes it is essential that a customer support centre delivers superior service. There is, after all, nothing as frustrating as having to wait days, even weeks, before action is taken. The best online bookmakers will have, at the least, a customer support centre that is open 24 hours a day, and can be reached by telephone. But better options are available, as far as customer support goes.

An email based customer support centre is really not good enough in modern times. A live chat based customer support centre is perhaps the best option, since it will not cost customers, as in the case of having to make a phone call, and is always accessible. Saying it is the best option is, of course, assuming that the chat function is well maintained, and that the operators are quick to respond, and deal with problems efficiently. Either way, an online bookmaker that has only an email based customer support centre should maybe be looked at twice.

Wide Variety Of Sports

It’s great if an online bookmaker offers the latest and most popular sporting events. After all, the majority of bet makers are interested in these events, and you likely are as well. But there are hundreds of sporting events around the world that can be bet on, and any bookmaker worth their salt will provide betting options to every sport that they can. If you decide you’d like to experiment with a bit of sport online betting off the beaten track, that option should be available. It makes no sense to have to surf to another bookmaker, and make another account, simply because your current bookmaker does not provide what you are looking for.

Before committing yourself to a bookmaker and making an account, browse the offered sports and see how broad and comprehensive the selection is. Take note if ESports are covered, or if the options are limited only too traditional sports. Also take note if the bookmaker is covering only local teams and events, or if international events are also being taken into consideration. It is, at the end of the day, up to you which sports you are going to bet on, so the options offered by a bookmaker really are for your consideration. Simply be sure that all the sport you intend on placing bets on are available. If not, another bookmaker will surely be more to your liking.

Best Odds

Finding the best odds for the bet you’re interested can be tricky. At the best of times it may take a little looking around, since the odds offered can fluctuate dramatically, depending on which bookmaker you’re looking at. At the very least a bookmaker you’re going to commit to should offer competitive odds, if not the best. Some online bookmakers tend to lure customers in by offering great odds on a single event, but then switch to far less generous odds. Even if a bookmaker doesn’t have the very best odds for every event, that should at least be competitive.

The wisest bet makers will have a few accounts at a number of bookmakers, and place bets where the most generous odds are being offered. Some prefer not to have to manage more than one account, and so stick where they feel reasonable odds can be found on a regular basis. Either way, it helps to be aware of the odds being offered by a number of online bookmakers. Note that there are some websites dedicated to listing the odds offered at a number of websites, which is a great help to those who are serous about bet making. Locate one of these websites and visit it before placing down money.

Promotional Deals

A special offer at an online bookmaker should not be a once fortnightly situation. A good bookmaker will have one or another promotional deal running at all times. Plus, the deals should be highly generous and worthwhile, making loyal customers rake in good money while the deal remains active. And no, the deal should also not be a disguised cash grab, benefiting only the bookmaker. Be sure to look around and see what deals are being offered, and make sure you understand exactly what is involved with the deal.

Note that some promotional deals will have terms and conditions attached, which may require that certain things be done before the deal becomes valid. For example, some bookmakers offer amounts of bonus cash to place on bets, but the cash, or any winnings it earns, are not able to be withdrawn from the account until the bet maker makes a certain number of bets. This is referred to as a wager requirement, and is a standard way to prevent customers from simply taking bonus cash, withdrawing it, and leaving the website.


Whichever online bookmaker you decide to use, just remember to have fun, quit while you’re ahead, and always keep your account details safe and secure. Also remember that you are never bound to one bookmaker out of obligation, and that there are many out there for you to give a try. In New Jersey customer is king in the caulfield cup betting world.