The Bathurst Harness Racing Club is located in Bathurst, Australia, and renowned as one of the top harness racing destinations in the country. It features a full schedule of harness racing events on a regular basis, using a circular, professionally maintained track. Races of varying distances are run doing one or two laps of the track. More details for each race are available at the facility, as well as easy means to place bets and collect winnings.

Visiting guests can enjoy the luxurious dining facilities that provide an excellent view of the track via broad, panoramic windows. A full bar is open, as well as other entertainment facilities, all of which create the perfect atmosphere to relax, enjoy the day, and make a few bets. The dining hall is available for group and business functions on request.

Track Details

The racing track at the Bathurst Harness Racing Club has a surface of crushed granite and total circumference of 1064.87 metres. The home straight is 186.02 metres. Depending on the event being raced, horses may make one or two laps of the track before a winner is declared. A professional team ensures that the track is perfect for every race, providing excellent racing conditions for all events.

Harness Racing

Harness racing is a particular type of horse racing, characterised by the horse moving at a slower pace than traditional horse racing. The horse also generally pulls the jockey on a wheeled cart behind, as apposed to the jockey riding on the horse in the more widely known form of horse racing. Harness racing is equally as exciting and entertaining as traditional racing, but the horses takes less strain in harness racing.

Horse Care

The horses at the Bathurst Harness Racing club are well cared for and receive excellent treatment. Every possible action is taken to ensure that the animals are comfortable and well rested for their racing events. Professional grade facilities are in place to treat any horse that may receive an injury during a race.

Betting Facilities

No harness racing club would be complete without betting facilities, and the Bathurst Harness Racing Club is no exception. There are full bet making facilities on the premises, easily accessible from the dining hall. Guests may place bets on any of the racing events that occur throughout the day, as they desire. Note that bets must be finalised before the starting whistle of each race. The racing events are tracked by viewing screens in the dining hall for guest convenience.

It is also possible to bet on the racing events at the Bathurst Harness Racing Club remotely via the internet. Online bookmakers provide betting options for all the racing events that take place. In order to place a bet, simply create an account at the online bookmaker and select the race you would like to bet on. Odds and specific betting options may be exclusive to individual bookmakers, so be sure to look around for a variety of choices. Live streams of the racing events are available via the internet, so that bet makers may watch the races as they occur.