Real money online slots games always have some kind of interesting theme attached to them. This is because developers are constantly fighting to create games that set themselves apart from all of the others out there. However, every now and then, a developer will create a game based on a theme that players will truly never forget. Kobushi slot is one such game. Essentially, the premise of this theme is based on characters that are actually pieces of sushi. It sounds way out there, but this online slot has been created in such a way that it provides plenty of fun for players. For more information on this slot game, see below.

Graphics And Design

Kobushi slot game has some truly fantastic design and graphic work put into it. Of course, as with any other online slot game, it is incredibly important for there to be symbols that make it easy for players to be able to see what’s going on with the reels in one quick glance. The symbols adorning these reels certainly do just that, with the likes of Koi fish, cherry blossoms, sushi rolls, sashimi and 3D sushi characters featuring on them. Complementing these symbols is, of course, a great soundtrack of traditional Japanese music, which further contributes to the overall atmosphere of the game and makes players feel as though they have been transported to another world.

Slots Setup

When it comes to the structure of online slot games, it is usually best for them to remain as simple as possible. As soon as the game’s structure becomes too complicated, players tend to become frustrated by the game. It need to be said that Kobushi slot game, which is a progressive video slot, much like many other online slot games, has a simple structure consisting of five reels. Within these reels, players can expect to find 30 paylines.

Slot Features

One of the greatest attractions to Kobushi slot game is the fact that it has two different jackpots. This gives players an even bigger chance to walk away with a generous reward. Over and above these jackpots, however, players should also be on the lookout for features such as the wild and scatter symbols. The former can replace any other symbols (except for the scatter) missing from a winning combination, which will, of course, mean that players will be able to make a little bit more cash from the game. The latter, the scatter symbol, is designed to provide players with opportunities for free spins, thus letting them increase their winnings without having to put any extra money down.

Something Tasty

While Kobushi slot game may have a theme that is somewhat different, it still provides players with all the makings of a classic online casino game. With great graphics and design, as well a simple structure and a number of different features, this game is perfect for players of every level, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have already been playing online casino games for many years.