In the world of online casinos, there are several different kinds of games on offer to players. In fact, the same selection that one would expect from a traditional casino can be found at an online one. Of course, this selection includes all manner of online slot games. These bright, colourful games have plenty to offer players, as they generally have fantastic themes, seamless software and some of the best graphics around. Birds on a Wire is one such game. Below, you will find more information on this game, as well as details on what you can expect from it when you play it.

The Software

One of the most important aspects of any online casino game, regardless of whether it is a slot game or not or sic bo available here, is the software that it runs on. The software could be the difference between an enjoyable gaming experience and an absolutely frustrating one. Thankfully, Birds on a Wire has been built around some of the industry’s very best software, which means that it can function seamlessly across several different platforms. This means that the game can be played by a larger audience, as the kinds of devices on which this game can be played aren’t limited.

The Theme

Birds on a Wire’s theme is all in its name. There is certainly no mystery as to what this game is about. From the very beginning, players see a number of birds swooping through the air as the game’s rules flash across the screen. The birds then come to land on an electricity pylon and spread themselves out over three wires. As soon as the player hits the spin button, the birds fly away and rearrange themselves in the same way that symbols would on the reels on a slot machine. Every time a win is achieved, those birds fade out and are replaced by new ones.

Free Spins

Every good online slot game has a free spins option. Not only does this give players the chance to win some extra cash without having to put any extra money down, it also keeps the game exciting the whole way through. With Birds on a Wire, players will have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of free spins. Initially, players are given 10 free spins and every time the bonus symbol appears anywhere on the wires, they will be awarded with an extra two spins. It is possible to earn up to 34 free spins per round. Furthermore, at the end of a round, players will have the chance to benefit from the ‘Inwinity Spin.’ Essentially, this bonus round will just keep on going until the player is able to secure a win.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, Birds on a Wire has all the makings of a classic online slot game. With a great theme that is conveyed beautifully through graphics, as well as fantastic software that functions across various platforms and plenty of free spins on offer, this game is one that won’t soon be forgotten.