The graphical art style presented in this slot is a cartoon art style which utilises bright colours and different shapes to bring elements of a fun and cheerful playing experience to those who try it.

The layout of this online slot can be broken down into five sections. The first section is the middle. In the middle of the slot, the player can see a five by five grid of multi-coloured jewels made of all different kinds of shapes. Around these shapes, the player can see the paylines for the slot highlighted in small circles. Each one of the payline circles is a different colour and is numbered individually so that the player can tell them apart.

To the right of the jewels, the player can see three boxes. The first box states that Bejeweled will substitute for any other symbol in the game. The second box displayed the player’s line win. The third box shows what the player has been paid. The final box is a button that allows the player to play the maximum number of lines with a single push.

The left side of the player screen has three boxes. The first box shows that Bejeweled is wild and that the super jackpot, when the player plays the maximum number of lines, is worth twenty thousand coins. The second box shows the player’s total bet. The third box shows the player’s current balance. At the bottom of the playing area, the player is given betting options as well as additional information about the online slots real money features. There, the player can let the number of autoplays they want to use as well as stop autoplay. The can also display the game’s paytable and win patters by clicking one of the two green buttons. Finally, the player can adjust the lines they play and their bet by using the up and down arrows on the two purple buttons.

Slot Symbols

This online casino Dubai game utilises several different jewel symbols as the symbols used for making winning combinations on the reels. From the least valuable symbol to the most valuable symbol, the symbols include a purple triangle, an orange hexagon, a red square, a green octagon, a yellow diamond, a white circle and a blue jewel.

In addition, the player will also see the Bejeweled symbol. This symbol, as stated on the sides of the gaming area, is used as a wild for this online slot.


There are several different jackpots for this game. The first jackpot is awarded if the player manages to get five of the Bejeweled symbols on lines one through nine. This pays one thousand times the line bet.

The second jackpot is awarded if the player gets five symbols to match on payline five in addition to five more matching symbols on lines six, seven, eight, nine or ten. This pays eight thousand times the player’s line bet.

The final jackpot is twenty thousand times the player’s line bet and pays out when the player gets five Bejeweled symbols on line ten.