Everyone loves poker, and New Jersey citizens are no different. Only now, thanks to advancements in mobile and internet technology, poker is available to play on all mobile devices. These mobile poker games not only look and play great, but can also be played for real money. That’s right; no need to take a trip down to the local casino, you can play real money poker right on your tablet or smart phone. Plus, both single player and multiplayer versions are possible, providing incredible freedom of choice for all levels of poker fans.

So what is required to get involved in the mobile poker scene? What kind of device do you need, what sort of internet connection do you need, and what sort of steps must be taken to make the games playable? The good news is that the requirements for mobile poker games are very low, allowing almost anyone to jump in and start playing right now. In fact, if you have a mobile device that is capable of connecting to the internet, chances are you can play mobile poker games. But let’s break it down and have a closer look, so that everyone is one the same page.

Mobile Device Required

As has just been said, almost any mobile device will work. You do not need the latest and most expensive model devices, and certainly don’t need to be running out and upgrading just to play a bit of poker. As long as the device has internet connectivity, it should work just fine. Even old mobile phones of a few years will work great, and provide an excellent play experience. The same goes for tablets; old models will work perfectly well. But is there a difference between mobile phone and tablet poker games?

Essentially there is no difference between mobile phone and tablet versions of poker. The same programmes are used, and function in the exact same way. The only real difference is that tablets have larger screens and longer battery life, which are obvious advantages. The poker games function with touch controls, and as such tablets tend to be smoother and easer to use. This is, however, only due to the fact that a larger touchscreen mean more room for your finger to tap. Larger screens do also have higher resolution, which means clearer, more detailed looking images. Mobile phones will still work, though, and the game play is still perfectly acceptable.

Internet Connectivity Requirements

A multiplayer mobile poker game is based around sending and receiving information from multiple devices, which means that problems can occur, due to the previously mentioned connectivity situation. In a multiplayer game, should one of the players lose connection, they will be given a brief time to reconnect, after which they will be dropped from the game. This is problematic when the players are involved in a real money game, and have already put down a bet. Other, still connected players will not be affected, but the dropped player will lose bets already placed.

Hence, it is essential to ensure that your mobile device internet connection is strong and steady before jumping into multiplayer poker games. If your reception is not good, and you’re dropped from a game, the online casino cannot be held responsible for any lost bets. For the best possible reliability in internet, join a WiFi signal before playing multiplayer games. WiFi is much more stable and reliable, and far less likely to result in being dropped from a game, if ever.

Types of Poker Available

It goes without saying that all types of poker are available for play on mobile devices. If you enjoy 5 card stud, you can play 5 card stud perfectly recreated in the mobile world. If you’re more of a Texas Hold’Em person, you can likewise play Texas Hold’Em. The mobile version of these games all follow the exact same rules, and operate as would be expected. Furthermore, single player versions of these games are available, which re perfect for honing skills or otherwise not being reliant on the availability of other players.

Did you say you prefer only playing against other real players? No problem; mobile multiplayer poker is available, and already has tens of thousands of players around the world. Simply log on, step up to a virtual table, and other players from around the world will join you. The power of modern internet has made this possible, and it is truly a miracle of incredible internet speeds that such a thing can be done. The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that multiplayer poker is very reliant on a strong, stable internet connection. Since mobile devices are wireless, and operate on community broadcasting technology, weak signal can sometimes be an issue in this regard. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Getting Started

So you’re convinced, and would like to jump into some mobile poker games right away. No problem; simply find a mobile casino website, create a game, and you can be playing mobile poker in just a few minutes time. First, create an account like the bettors signing up at one of the rated sites, which should take no more than a few seconds, or minutes. You will be asked to provide details, which must be correct to avoid any issues. Once details have been entered, and the account conformed, you’re ready to start playing.

Of course, playing for real money will require funds to be available, which will require connecting a bank account. This is also a quick process, after which deposited funds will appear immediately in the online account. Don’t forget that most mobile casinos offer free games, so you can enjoy playing poker without ever having to deposit funds of any kind.

The Golden Rules

So you’re ready to jump in and enjoy some online poker. Great, we’ll see you there. Just be sure to keep your mobile poker account details secret, and to never let your phone or tablet be tampered with, as a security measure. Also only remember to play real money games responsibly. But remember the most important rule of all; have loads of fun and be the best mobile poker player you can be.