A Brief History of Slot Machines

The first slot machines were invented in America in the late 1800s. A car mechanic, Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1895 in San Francisco. He invented a machine that had 3 spinning reels and had only 5 symbols, which were diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes and the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell was in fact the first jackpot symbol and if a person managed to land 3 of these symbols in a row they would receive the highest payout. It is also the symbol, which gave the machine its name – the Liberty Bell Slot Machine. The slot machine was adapted and updated many times over the years and have not yet lost their appeal. Evolved versions of the slot machine are still extremely popular today, particularly online versions.

With the ease at which one can play online slot games, several of the top software developing companies are competing against one another for slot players attention. This has led to the companies introducing many slots with distinctive themes and features. This means you will be able to choose from hundreds of games and play unique slots online.

Features of Unique Slots

Slot machines used to be fairly simple. You would have 3 spinning reels and a small selection of symbols. If the symbols lined up, then you would win money. Modern slot machines, however, have many bonus features and extras, which mean that the games have varying levels of complexity. When you are looking to play unique slots you will be bombarded with many slot games that claim to be unique, and many of them will be, but you will need to see which one of these unique slot machines you want to play.

Examples of unique features on the slot machines are the bonus games offered (is there a free spins round or are the bonus games more exciting), the bonus symbols offered (wilds, scatters, multipliers for example), the type of jackpots awarded (is it a progressive jackpot or not), and whether or not the games offer a gamble feature. These are only a few of the features that make a game unique and often the truly unique games will offer something extra. The theme is also important as when you are looking to play unique slots you will not want to be playing games that have the same theme over and over or the same type of music and sounds. You can play unique slots in every online casino.

Examples of Unique Slots

KISS Slots by WMS is an example of a unique slots machine. Firstly, the theme. The game is based on the hard rock group; KISS and the graphics as well as the background music are all related to the band. Besides the theme, the game also features colossal reels, which is less common in online slots. This means that essentially you are playing on two sets of reels. If you don’t like the KISS theme but still want to play unique slots then you will be able to find other games with colossal reels.

A second example of unique slots is the Aristocrat Mad Professor Slot. You will want to play this unique slot because of the way the bonus features work. It features a Reel Tube bonus that occurs randomly at any time following a spin. Within this bonus round there are several other bonuses which help to make this game stand out among other games with a similar theme.