There is no actual evidence as to where or when lotteries first came about but it is known that they have been around for a very long time. The Bible makes reference to Moses using a lottery to award land on the west side of the River Jordan. During the Han Dynasty lotteries were rife and it is believed that it was the lottery style game Keno that was used to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. Julius Caesar was known to play lotteries during the Roman Empire.

Over the century’s lotteries thrived in Europe but were known to be very controversial in America where the lotteries were banned for a time, however, they were used to fund many churches and schools most notably Columbia University, Harvard and Princeton. The dawn of the internet brought about a convenient accessibility for lottery fans around the world to participate in lotteries from various other countries. The online lotto frenzy took the world by storm and has opened up a world of endless possibilities.

Choosing the Best Online Lotto Sites

The internet offers a vast online lotto industry that may leave lotto fans a little overwhelmed when searching for a reputable online casino Malaysia to play at. The best places to look for should have trusted reputations and the correct licenses. This is to ensure players don’t end up being cheated out of their money by a scam. There are plenty of reputable sites to look at that offer players from various countries around the world local support and service with a variety of local and international lotto games. The games are authentic and the tickets that are sold are legitimate and offer real chances of possible wins.

Playing at the Best Online Lotto Sites

Playing online lotto games is incredibly simple and convenient. There is no need to leave the house to purchase lotto tickets. Players will need to register their personal details at their chosen online lotto site in order to create a personal account. All personal information is kept in strict confidence. Funds that will be used for purchasing of lottery tickets will need to be deposited into the players’ personal account. Once the funds are in the account, players can begin playing any of the lottery games that are available.

Information on Playing Online lotto

All relevant information on how to play the specific online lotto games is available. Players will know how many numbers need to be chosen and how the various bonus numbers work. Each lotto game has its own number of winning prize divisions with different requirements to meet. The minimum prize may vary from two or three matching main numbers with a matching bonus number while the maximum jackpot prize will almost always requires all the chosen numbers to match the drawn numbers. The various jackpot prizes will have their own regulations regarding roll overs. Some will be able to roll over for a limited number of times and others will have a maximum limit that it will not exceed. Once these limits are reached the jackpot prizes will usually roll down to be a part of the next division prize.